Monthly Meeting Thursday 8th July

This Thursday we had our monthly meeting.


Heather, Kat & Jen arrived early to cook us up some delicious tagliatelle with tomatoes and rocket from our allotment then rhubarb and gooseberry crumble for pudding – yum.


We had a cup of tea and because we’ve got our summer camp coming up talked about what makes a good volunteer; 


respect, commitment, punctuality, enthusiasm, being able to do a job without being asked to (using initiative).


What your role is on camp; 


Getting involved, and helping other people get involved. You need to know when you are a vol’ and when you are not. Running sessions. Cleaning, cooking and maintenance tasks. Encouraging discussion in groups. Teamwork. Helping to run energisers. Welcoming new people, making people feel special and letting them know you are there- but not being over friendly. Making sure people know your role. Challenging negative behaviour and language- constructively and ‘practise what you preach’. Meeting once a day for a catch up.


What you wouldn’t do;


Wouldn’t swear,  dis-respect or hold grudges. No drugs no alcohol and no taxing fags off young people.


As you can see everyone had really good ideas about this and now we know our vols’ will be as amazing as ever on camp.


We also reviewed last times notes, checked our year plan & people gave updates on…


o Farm trip: was good, 9 people came, had fun- it was so good Heather took her brothers the next week!


o Euro Pride Youth Games: did track & field. Had a boat race and then went for a meal and the human rights conference. The boat race- was really good (Laura)


o Heather on the radio: Heather played us the Pure FM interview she had last week.


o Laura at Voluntary Youth Manchester: presented about Feminist Webs and did we really well


o Football: Hailey said we played football, rounders, and had a nice time.


o Allotment sessions: went last weekend, picked stuff  garlic, shallots, strawberries and peas


o Tuesday sessions x3: music, design a vagina cup cakes and graffiti stencils- really fun but strange for some to explain it afterwards to people!


Then Kerry from LCP did a guest slot and told us about the new mental health group plans to raise awareness of women in mental health system. We thought we could maybe do a music and drama project possibly including a concert/ recording. A pod cast which Heather might plan, and a music video where Kat definitely want to be on a trampoline!


Date and time of next meeting = 9th August – 5.30 – 8.30pm. See you there!