AGM Minutes

LIK:T’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 29th July 2011 during Summer Camp 2011 at Height Gate Farm, Hebden Bridge.

Present:  Claire H as Chair, Heather D as Secretary, Laura C as Treasurer and members of LIK:T from Manchester, Halton, Crewe, Glasgow and the North East present at Summer Camp ‘11.

In Attendance:  Amelia


Agenda –

  1. Chair’s Review
  2. Annual Accounts
  3. Appointment of Officers
  4. A.O.B
  5. D.T.N.M


  1. Chair’s Review – We’ve had a wonderful year together, we’ve ran a Summer Camp and a Winter Camp (that became Spring Camp because the weather was so bad.)  The young women have represented us at a conference about Body Image in London. 
    We’ve continued work with our allotment project and have taken part in a really prestigious research project on Community Growing with Manchester University.  We started running weekly sessions and have run weekend trips around the North West.
    I’ve had a really lovely year and I’m really proud of our achievements and I hope you all are as well. – Claire H
  2. Annual Accounts – Laura presented and explained the Annual Accounts, with all members receiving a copy, for the period 1st April 2010-31st March 2010 which were approved by everybody in attendance.
  3. Appointment of Officers – Claire, Heather and Laura all stepped down from their posts in the management committee.  Claire was standing for re-election as Chair for the fifth time, Heather was stepping down permanently, Laura was stepping down as Treasurer and standing for the Secretary position and H was standing as Treasurer.
    Claire said goodbye to Heather and thanked her for all of her hard work while Laura and H gave their reasons for wanting to stand for the positions and explain what they could add to the project.Claire, Laura and H were asked to leave the room while the members of LIK:T voted. 
    All three received more “yes” votes than “no” votes so all three are now in position.
    Claire:  Chair in post.  Laura:  Secretary in post.  H:  Treasurer in post.
  4. Any Other Business – There was no other business presented by the members of LIKT.
    Claire informed us that there had been a casualty on Summer Camp and that we had unfortunately lost a whole Mexican Pie to the cat.
  5. Date and Time of Next Meeting – LIK:T will not be having a monthly meeting for August 2011, but there will instead be a consultation on the 10th August 2011 which all members are invited to attend.
    LIK:T’s next AGM (Annual General Meeting) will take place at Summer Camp 2012.

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