The Young Women’s Group, at the Young Women’s Health Project (also known as LIK:T), will be hosting their 10th annual young Lesbian, Bisexual and questioning Women’s Summer Camp for 4 days in July 2012.  Summer Camp has been running every summer since 2003, and has brought together over 300 Lesbian, Bisexual and questioning Young Women over the last 10 years.

To celebrate the 10th year of Summer Camp, the young women’s group have planned an extra special program, which includes a “ Lesbian and Bisexual  Women of the Future” theme, Special guests from past Summer Camps, a 10th anniversary party and talent show and lots of brilliant and exciting activities that everyone can participate in. For a flavour of past year’s camps see our film.

This year, Summer Camp will take place from 6pm Thursday 26th July 2012 till Sunday afternoon 29th July 2012 on Hightgate Farm just outside Hebden Bridge. Summer Camp is for young women between the age of 14 and 25 who identify as Lesbian or Bisexual, or those who are questioning or unsure about their sexuality. New and past participants are all welcome. So , if you are new to Summer Camp and think it might be for you, or you have been before and fancy giving Summer Camp another go, or if you are a Summer Camp veteran and want to join us for the 10th Anniversary, please get in touch with the Young Women’s Group for more information. Details Below:

Text/ Mobile: 07813981338 (Operational between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday)


Find out more about the group through:

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Twitter: YWHP Manchester

Facebook: Search Lik:T to find the Facebook page.