Happy new year!

Calling all young women who identify as lesbian or bisexual!

Here’s what’s in store for the next 3 months at Young Women’s Group:

Young womens Q4 poster

There’s lots to get involved with including writing and designing new resources and planning our own event. Please spread the word to other lesbian and bisexual women you know and hope to see you there too?

Resource development + event planning: Saturday 30th Jan, Saturday 11th Feb, Saturday 20th Feb 11-3pm

LesBiCon: 5th March 12-6pm

Focus group: 9th April 1-3pm

Young womens Q4 poster


Take part in our Peer research survey!

Over the past year a group of Young LB women aged 13-25 have been developing and conducting their own research project, to improve Health and Education services for Lesbian and Bisexual young women.

Here’s where we need your help. If you are a Lesbian or bisexual woman aged 13-25 please have your say by filling out this survey, and help us to show funders, policy makers and services that LB women have needs and to make sure that they address them.

Click on this link to fill out the survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LXYP5XC 


Logos representing LGBT youth north west, the young women's project, the peer research project, and the lottery awards for all logo.

Click on the image to take the survey.

Making our Pink Box Video

 The theme for LGBT History Month this year was music, so we made a music video about things we dislike/don’t agree with/‘break our hearts’ for our Pink Box entry.

We were listening to lots of different music genres (soul, punk, dance and so on) to find a song we all liked and after lots of thinking and listening we chose the song ‘And Darling’ by Tegan and Sara, two women musicians who identify  as lesbian!


Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara


Have a read of the lyrics yourself and see what you think, or have a listen here


 “And Darling”

Creep up and tell me that you

You love me more each time you

Look into my eyes, I feel like

I know you don’t mean to be mean

I’m sure you know the same for me

When you creep up and tell me


It breaks my heart each time you


You break my heart each time you

You slip your hands inside my pockets

Tell me nothing else would do

Without me, you can’t live and

You slip your heart into my chest

They both become one of the strongest pairs

When strangers come

And darling

This thing that breaks my heart and


You break my heart each time you


This thing that breaks my heart and


You break my heart each time you 


Ignorant people/homophobia

The song ‘And Darling’ is about your heart breaking, so we thought about things that break our hearts and damage our self esteem. As we are all lesbian and bisexual women we wrote down some statements that frustrate us such as ‘you’re too pretty to be gay’ and ‘you just haven’t found the right guy yet’ 


Page 3

The Sun’s ‘Page 3’ made it onto our ‘list of stuff we don’t like’ because we feel it objectifies women and we believe it’s very sexist (there isn’t a page 3 for men!) so we decided to express our anger towards it by writing ‘page 3’ lots of times on a big piece of paper and tearing it up!


A section of our page 3 art work

A section of our page 3 art work

we included some other examples though they are less serious they still get on our nerves!

You’ll have to wait until the Pink Box launch event to see the whole video- our editing team are hard at work.





…it’s gonna be amazing!


In conclusion we enjoyed the fact that we could get creative and relate to each other through the statements, as we all felt we’d experienced them or some similar in our own lives.



Cassie and Natalie


The next Young Women’s Saturday Summit is Saturday 17th May, when we’ll be doing some bits and bobs at our allotment!

Tablehurst Farm Trip

Over the last couple of years the Young Women’s Group have been involved in a project connecting communities from a community farm in West Sussex, a community farm in Spitalfields & a our very own allotment in Manchester. This past weekend we took a trip down to Tablehurst Community Farm in West Sussex to learn more about the work they do there and bring Joyce, our Welcome Crow, that we have been making in the group in the lead up to the residential. Over the weekend Joyce met two other welcome crows that had been made especially for this weekend. The group also learned about how the farms at Tablehurst & Plaw Hatch grow food & keep animals. On the train home we wrote a little something each about why we came on the trip, a memorable moment of the trip & what we will take away from the experience.

“It was a but strange…not really something I’m usually likely to experience living in the city! Really enjoyed the BBQs & learnt that unpasteurised milk tastes better than pasteurised milk. 🙂 (Didn’t enjoy the cold though!)” – Keeley

“There were so many memorable, weird & wonderful moments this weekend. I came on the trip to help put our scarecrow together, so for me the best thing about this weekend was spending time together completing our beautiful scarecrow and ‘planting’ Joyce at Tablehurst.” – Kelly

“The most memorable moment was when all the scarecrows were introduced to each other because I’ve never seen anything like that before. Also I was shocked when we planted the scarecrows and had to stir the bucket of water.” – Sahar

“There were lots of memorable moments, but I think the one that stands out the most would be planting the scarecrows and the ‘ceremony’ that went with it. I came on the trip to broaden my experiences and have a fun weekend which I did. The one thing I will take away from the Tablehurst experience would be the community spirit that surrounded the farm.” – Darienne

“I enjoyed seeing the cows being milked at Plaw Hatch and I came on this trip because I have been part of the project since the beginning and really enjoyed it.” – Rachel

“I enjoyed being on the farm and away from the city. I really enjoyed seeing Plaw Hatch & seeing the cows and the process of milking the cows as it is very different to most farms. I came on the trip as I have been before and have been quite involved in the project and wanted to see the changes that had been made since the last time. I really enjoyed everything and spending time with the young women and the other two community groups. Oh and having a go at barn dancing!” – H

“I think learning more about the different ways biodynamic farming happens and effective growing is what is memorable. Learning about Plaw Hatch from Liz, about the shop, about the Bees from Peter & Rachel – so remarkable) and is the stuff I will take away with me. I came on the trip because I love coming to Tablehurst & learning more” – Niamh

“My memorable moments at Tablehurst were finally seeing Plawhatch farm and watching the cows being milked. Seeing the new bee hives was interesting and has made me think about the way we may manage bees on the allotment in the future.” – Claire

“I came on the trip as I had heard so many wonderful things the group had done & seen on previous trips to the farm. My memorable moments were finally seeing Joyce (the welcome crow) come to life and thinking all the people who were involved in making it happen & also seeing all the happy & content animals at Plawhatch & Tablehurst. I will take away with me new experiences and knowledge and the steps to a barn dance which I’m sure will come in useful on the next young women’s Summer Camp” – Myrtle


The Young Women’s Group, at the Young Women’s Health Project (also known as LIK:T), will be hosting their 10th annual young Lesbian, Bisexual and questioning Women’s Summer Camp for 4 days in July 2012.  Summer Camp has been running every summer since 2003, and has brought together over 300 Lesbian, Bisexual and questioning Young Women over the last 10 years.

To celebrate the 10th year of Summer Camp, the young women’s group have planned an extra special program, which includes a “ Lesbian and Bisexual  Women of the Future” theme, Special guests from past Summer Camps, a 10th anniversary party and talent show and lots of brilliant and exciting activities that everyone can participate in. For a flavour of past year’s camps see our film.

This year, Summer Camp will take place from 6pm Thursday 26th July 2012 till Sunday afternoon 29th July 2012 on Hightgate Farm just outside Hebden Bridge. Summer Camp is for young women between the age of 14 and 25 who identify as Lesbian or Bisexual, or those who are questioning or unsure about their sexuality. New and past participants are all welcome. So , if you are new to Summer Camp and think it might be for you, or you have been before and fancy giving Summer Camp another go, or if you are a Summer Camp veteran and want to join us for the 10th Anniversary, please get in touch with the Young Women’s Group for more information. Details Below:

Text/ Mobile: 07813981338 (Operational between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday)

Email: Likt_info@yahoo.co.uk

Find out more about the group through:

The Website: www.likt.org.uk

Twitter: YWHP Manchester

Facebook: Search Lik:T to find the Facebook page.

AGM Minutes

LIK:T’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 29th July 2011 during Summer Camp 2011 at Height Gate Farm, Hebden Bridge.

Present:  Claire H as Chair, Heather D as Secretary, Laura C as Treasurer and members of LIK:T from Manchester, Halton, Crewe, Glasgow and the North East present at Summer Camp ‘11.

In Attendance:  Amelia


Agenda –

  1. Chair’s Review
  2. Annual Accounts
  3. Appointment of Officers
  4. A.O.B
  5. D.T.N.M


  1. Chair’s Review – We’ve had a wonderful year together, we’ve ran a Summer Camp and a Winter Camp (that became Spring Camp because the weather was so bad.)  The young women have represented us at a conference about Body Image in London. 
    We’ve continued work with our allotment project and have taken part in a really prestigious research project on Community Growing with Manchester University.  We started running weekly sessions and have run weekend trips around the North West.
    I’ve had a really lovely year and I’m really proud of our achievements and I hope you all are as well. – Claire H
  2. Annual Accounts – Laura presented and explained the Annual Accounts, with all members receiving a copy, for the period 1st April 2010-31st March 2010 which were approved by everybody in attendance.
  3. Appointment of Officers – Claire, Heather and Laura all stepped down from their posts in the management committee.  Claire was standing for re-election as Chair for the fifth time, Heather was stepping down permanently, Laura was stepping down as Treasurer and standing for the Secretary position and H was standing as Treasurer.
    Claire said goodbye to Heather and thanked her for all of her hard work while Laura and H gave their reasons for wanting to stand for the positions and explain what they could add to the project.Claire, Laura and H were asked to leave the room while the members of LIK:T voted. 
    All three received more “yes” votes than “no” votes so all three are now in position.
    Claire:  Chair in post.  Laura:  Secretary in post.  H:  Treasurer in post.
  4. Any Other Business – There was no other business presented by the members of LIKT.
    Claire informed us that there had been a casualty on Summer Camp and that we had unfortunately lost a whole Mexican Pie to the cat.
  5. Date and Time of Next Meeting – LIK:T will not be having a monthly meeting for August 2011, but there will instead be a consultation on the 10th August 2011 which all members are invited to attend.
    LIK:T’s next AGM (Annual General Meeting) will take place at Summer Camp 2012.

If you want to recieve minutes from our meetings directly, send an email to likt_info@yahoo.co.uk and we can add you to our mailing list =)  Laura C.

Biking Project


The LIK:T biking project is going really well and the young women involved are starting to get really excited, especially as some of them were able to pick up their brand new bikes and equipment this Tuesday at the Young Women’s Session.

Action shot of H on her new bike!








Action shot of H on her new bike!

Sophie on her new bike!










Sophie and her new bike!


If you want to get involved with the biking project, come along to the Sky Ride this Sunday (details coming soon) if you have your own bike, if not, then get in touch with Claire H. at the next Young Women’s Session!

Hello from Summer Camp

Hey, this is a quick hello from Laura C from Summer Camp 2011… Yay!!!

Everybody is having an amazing time and have enjoyed really exciting things such as It’s a Knockout, Mexican Pie, Yoga, Hate Crime Workshops, Coming Out Poetry Workshops and so much more.

Can’t believe it’s the last day tomorrow, but I’m sure we’re all going to have an amazing time for the rest of Camp!

Bye for now, Laura C.