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    When we meet: Mondays 6-8pm


    For more details about the Young Women’s Health Project contact Nichola:

    or call/text 07712 660541

    Alternatively, you can write to us at:

    The Young Women’s Peer Health Project
    c/o The LGBT Centre, 

    49-51 Sidney St
    M1 7HB

    The staff

    Nichola Langton

    I have a degree in Community & Youth Work Studies and I have a special interest in the written word and performing arts.
    If I was stranded on a desert Island, I would like to think I would take something practical like a knife and some matches but would probably take a pile of books, some pens and paper!
    If they made a film about my life, it would have to be Whoopie Goldberg who played the adult me, maybe Letitia Wright as a younger me 🙂

    Amelia Lee

    I am a lesbian, Catholic, feminist who is a great tap dancer. I loves good food, especially from Sidney St cafe. My LGBT Role model is Audre Lorde.

    Favourite pastime: Finding the best lesbian/bisexual characters and plots from TV and film across the world #godblessyoutube

    Hebe Phillips

    Who is your LGBT role model? It’s hard to choose just one one but I really admire other lesbian youth workers such as Jan Bridget who were (and still are!) committed to specialist youth work and girls work with young lesbian and bisexual women. Young women are often overlooked in many areas, health being one of them, so having someone listening to their needs, concerns and ideas is that can help to get their voices heard. What I find particularly inspiring about Jan is her resilience when she set up a group for young women and was met with resistance from other women and other parts of our community.

    A world without strong lesbian women would be a sad one!

    Chloe Cousins

    Who would play you in a film? Queen Latifah would play me in a film because she is (or used to be more in her early music and acting days) really tough and cool!

    My LGBT role model is: A film maker from Liverpool called Sandi Hughes, she is a mixed race, lesbian who has been making films about the Black LGBT community in Liverpool and the UK for years. She is in her 70s now, has amazing energy, so many great life stories and is still a raver! She is really inspiring and has lots important footage of the LGBT community.